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Run! To Save a Life
Chouseishin Gransazer, Episode 7
Air date November 15, 2003
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
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Clash! Wind, Fire and Earth
Descent! The Heavenly Dragon

Run! To Save a Life is the seventh episode of ChouSeiShin GranSazer


When a co-worker of Tenma becomes hurt by Karin, he must work to save her life even knowing that his rival Dentsuin is the doctor performing her surgery!


Tenma wants to unite Naoto with the other Earth Warriors but Horiguchi decides that Mika should do it. Tenma goes anyway but gets a call from Maki at his proper job, and leaves. Maki herself is his next delivery as she wants to meet Naoto but he odesn't know where he is. She settles for Tenma himself for a date. Saeki attacks them, putting Maki in hospital. Akira saves Maki's life with Tenma's help in getting enough transfusion blood. On the way back, Tenma is attacked by SazerVelsou and SazerDail and forced to fight them. SazerLion and SazerMithras arrive, allowing Tenma to reach the hospital. SazerVisuel also joins in the fight to help the Flame Tribe. With Maki safe, Tenma and Akira fight but Tenma cannot bring himself to kill Akira after he saved Maki.


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