This article is about a/an hero in Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.
Kane Lucano
Kane Lucano
Gender: Male
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Planet Rady
First Appearance: Takuto's on Fire!
Last Full Appearance: The Friendship Crosses Time...
Number of Episode Appearances: 38
Full list of appearances
Actor: Ryosuke Miura

Kane Lucano is a character from the Chouseishin Series Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.

Character History

Kane Lucano comes from the the 2500 AD planet Rady. He´s the oldest of seven siblings and is the immature member of the group. However, he always "pulls through" when it counts. He's very kind, loves his family and fond of sightseeing, which he does in order to get to know the planet Earth. He is a strong believer in nothing is absolute, so he is usually calm an collected.


Seiza Bito


With the Strage Device, Kane calls the "Knuckle Cross" which allows him to equip into Beetle-Sazer, whose element is Lightning. He also has the Beet-Hawk, an axe that can be powered up with cosmo capsules. His personal capsule is "Beetle-III" which, equipped in the axe, can perform his hissatsu attack "Beetle Slash" a ball of electric energy in the shape of a Beetle.


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Behind the Scenes

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