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Descent! The Heavenly Dragon
ChouSeiShin GranSazer, Episode 8
Air date November 22, 2003
Episode Guide
Run! To Save a Life
Tremble With Fear! Karin's True Form

Descent! The Heavenly Dragon is the 8th episode of ChouSeiShin GranSazer


Professor Horiguchi researches Karin in hopes of figuring out who she is, while Ryoko confronts Mika and Ran to test if their word is actually true.


Meeting Professor Chujo, Horiguchi tells him about his work to learn about Karin Saeki. Chujo tells him that Saeki has been dead for 20 years. Shocked, Horiguchi leaves to tell the Gransazers , but he is ambushed by Saeki. Ken Shido saves him, but is defeated and kidnapped. Ken's sister, Mika Shido, goes off to save him. The Wind Tribe summons Dolcrus to battle the Flame Tribe's Garuda, and eventually wins. The Earth Tribe tries to use GunCaesar to fight Dolcus, but a giant metal dragon appears and carries Garuda away.


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