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Clash! Wind, Fire and Earth
Chouseishin Gransazer, Episode 6
Air date November 8, 2003
Written by Toshimichi Ookawa
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
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Burn! The Policeman's Soul
Run! To Save a Life

Clash! Wind, Fire and Earth is the sixth episode of ChouSeiShin GranSazer


While trying to deal with proving the innocence of Ran's partner from his enemies, the GranSazer of the Flame and Earth Tribe try to awaken the third ChouSeiShin while the Wind Tribe continues their assault!


Ran refuses to be Karin's ally as Kamiya gets a call from Junya, who wants to turn himself in. However his accomplice Ryuji takes his car and loot, eventually coming face to face with SazerVisuel as Ran awakens as a GranSazer. Junya is cleared of the chargesafter Ryuji's arrest. Professor Horiguchi calls the GranSazers to the King Lion desert. Once there, they are attacked by Dolcruz. The Flame Warriors call Garuda to help them but Dolcruz is powered up into Remls Mode. Horiguchi runs into Naoto, who unites with Visuel and Tragos as Tawlon. Together, the three activate the Earth Tribe's Ultra Star God GunCaesar. GunCaesar defeats Dolcruz, making the Wind Tribe retreat. Naoto disappears again without even meeting the other Earth Warriors.


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