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Wind Tribe
Chouseishin Gransazer
Led by: Akira Dentsuin
Co-existed with: Gransazers

The Wind Tribe is one of the four elemental tribes featured in Toho's 2003 show Chouseishin Gransazer. This tribe consists of Sazers Remls, Velsou, and Dail, all of which possess wind-related abilities and weapons. Together, they can summon their tribe's Chouseishin, Dolcross.


The Wind Tribe (風のトライブ Kaze no Toraibu?) are the first tribe fully assembled, deceived by Karin to attack the other Gransazers, especially the Flame tribe. After they realized they were being deceived, they turned against Karin and allied with the other Gransazers to defeat her. The members of the Wind Tribe are all insect-based, with shades of purple and pilot the Wind-Driver Grand Vehicles.


Sazer Remls Akira Dentsuin
Sazer Velsou Ryoko Amemiya
Sazer Dail Jin Hakariya


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