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Earth Tribe
Chouseishin Gransazer
Led by: Naoto Matsuzaka
Co-existed with: Gransazers

The Earth Tribe is one of the four elemental tribes in Toho's 2003 show, Chouseishin Gransazer. It consists of Sazers Tawlon, Visuel, and Tragos, all of which possess ground-related abilities and weapons. Together, they can summon their tribe's Chouseishin, GunCaesar.


The Earth Tribe (大地のトライブ Daichi no Toraibu?) are the third tribe to fully awaken. This tribe is the most divided one because each of the three members has a personality that conflicts with the others at times. Karin tried to enlist the Earth Tribe into her group, but failed, causing the Earth Tribe to fight together with the Flame Tribe. Their armored suits are based on mammals and are yellow or orange-shaded, piloting the Earth-Driver Grand Vehicles.


Sazer Tawlon Naoto Matsuzaka
Sazer Visuel Ran Saotome
Sazer Tragos Gou Kamiya


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